About the Class of 1967 Insignia

The design was created by Laura Grosch for our 1967 class’s 50th reunion.  Her inspiration for the design comes from one of the class chants:

1                      1-9                   1-9-67

We’re the Sunshine Class

We are the gold class, the bold class, the gold class

We are the sunshine class unsurpassed

In Laura’s words:

“The design generated itself: the sun in the middle with 1967 inside.  Sunshine Class at the top; Unsurpassed at the bottom

NOVA, a Public Television Science program did a feature on the SUN. Energy is generated from the core and takes millions of years for the energy to work to the surface of the Sun which then can come quickly to the Earth. The sunlight that is shining on us now was created long ago.

My design has a double ring representing this concept.

I also have been thinking about " we are the bold class, gold class" or is it the other way around? I realize that my design is BOLD and will make a powerful visual statement that the Class of 1967 is empowered as we age!”

Laura has created the design with 3 color schemes, pictured below.  The scarf will use the white and yellow scheme.  I think that the yellow and black design would lend itself to other uses, possibly as a way to identify our reunion information.