Passions and Projects


Now that reunion is over, here is an overview of all the Passions and Projects presentation on a handout.

The video of the Passions and Projects presentations may be viewed here.

Dear Sunshine ’67 Classmate:

A stimulating element of our 50th reunion will be a showcase of our Passions and Projects.  We hope you’ll give some thought to sharing yours with the Class. 

What passions and projects?  And how might they be shared?  Please read on. 

Passions and projects   Meaningful projects usually stem from passions.  For example, a passion could be a love of beauty which might be expressed in a myriad of ways--the visual arts, music, poetry, jewelry, or quilt-making.   Other passions could be a love of travel, a dedication to some cause or deep concern, or a quest to unravel one’s family past.   Think broadly and deeply about what you have done.    There are reasons we do what we do.   A project may have evolved from unconscious motivations and feelings over the years.  Sometimes projects combine passions.

Sharing your passion and project   There is limited flat space available for exhibiting tangible objects in Tower Court where we will be based.  Since we can’t guarantee their safety and security over the course of the weekend, we propose three formats.   

  1.  A collective Powerpoint showcasing projects which will be played as a part of the Saturday morning class meeting and looped at other times when classmates are gathering, such as Sunday morning before the Alumnae Parade.  Slides with voice-over and certain formats of video can be embedded into the Powerpoint.  Submissions for the Powerpoint can be up to three minutes long, preferably less, and must be in a compatible format.  We picture the completed Powerpoint will be not more than 30 minutes.
  2. A display of tangible objects at scheduled times during which the creator will be present.  Let us know if you wish to sell any of your displayed items.    
  3. Pop-up mini presentations Saturday afternoon from 4:00-5:00 held in the alcoves of the Tower Court living room.  Presenters will be listed on a handout with the titles of their Passion/Project.

All those sharing their projects will have a sunflower corsage identifying them as a Passion/Project participant. 

Please let us know by February 28 whether you would like to participate.  Tell us briefly about the passion/project you’d like to share and in which of the three formats above.  (Contributing in more than one is possible.) Reply with your subject line: Passions and Projects to Andrea Karls  and Karin Rosenthal .  We will send detailed specs and deadlines to those who want to participate.   Email us with questions too, of course.

Hoping to hear from you,

Andrea Berens Karls  

Chairperson, Passions and Projects

Committee Members:  Nancy Gilmore Angney, Liz Kopp Levin,  Karin Rosenthal,  Ellen “Boo” Burnes Simmons