58President's Message

Fall 2015

 Dear Sunshine Classmates If you are reading this message then you have successfully braved the challenges of modern technology and arrived at our 1967 Class website. Congratulations and welcome!
We hope that this site will become more familiar to you as the months go by approaching June 2017. Right now, it's still shiny and new but we have for your interest: Reunion countdown, copies of all our prior newsletters,Missing classmates list. As far as Reunion goes, we plan to post news and updates about Reunion including the opportunity to register when the time comes and to keep track of Who is Coming. We also plan to post record book entries as they come in - to inspire, to shame and otherwise goad you into action so that our Fiftieth Reunion Record Book will be the most comprehensive and marvelous paean to the Sunshine Class.
Meanwhile, you too are encouraged to contribute photos and thoughts so please feel free to do so! Stand by everyone! 
Elaine Woo